Other News on Homeless Children

For Hungry Kids, Backpacks Lighten Load

Here is an excellent article from Education World that covers so much of what these homeless children experience throughout the Country and why our program was started to address the great need in our City and soon in our State Counties.

Federal Reserve -  Yellen:  Survey shows impact of child poverty

From: Friday, March 24, 2017's The Washington Post's Economy & Business Section Digest

"A new Federal Reserve survey has found that children who grew up in poverty were twice as likely to struggle with financial challenges later in life, Federal Reserve Chair Janet L. Yellen said Thursday.
     The survey showed that more than half of young people age 25 to 39 who reported that as children they worried over issues like having enough food were currently facing financial challenges, Yellen said.  That was double the number with financial troubles who did not face such concerns as children.
     Yellen told a Fed conference that the findings underscored the need to provide children with the resources to achieve financial success later in life.
     In the survey, which the Fed will publish later this spring, Yellen said there was a clear connection between childhood struggles and financial problems later in life.
     "Young adults who regularly or sometimes worried when they were children about care, safety or having enough to eat are also less likely to be employed, less likely to have consistent income month-to-month and less likely to pay all of their current monthly bills in full, compared with those who never or rarely worried about these concerns as children," Yellen said.  (from the Associated Press)."

Number of homeless students in U.S. has doubled since before the recession

From: September 21, 2015's Washington Post's Education Digest "One of the things we note during recessions is that young families and kids tend to be the ones who go into poverty first, almost like a canary in a coal mine."  Bruce Lesley, president of First Focus Campaign, speaking about a report showing that the number of U.S. homeless students has doubled in 10 years.

There Are Way More Homeless Students Than There Used To Be

From: FiveThirtyEight - Education - "The number of homeless students in the country’s classrooms has more than doubled since before the recession, according to recently released federal data. That’s an alarming trend, but a new report offers some hope: At least part of the increase, the authors say, is not because more students have become homeless, but because states have gotten better at identifying homeless students." Reported by Hayley Munguia, FiveThirtyEight’s social media editor and a data reporter.

These Are the Faces of America's Growing Youth Homeless Population 

From: The Washington Post - Education - June 17, 2016 - by Emma Brown "Gladys Thompson became homeless before she was old enough to drive or hold a job. She remembers begging for food and water, and pleading with friends for a place to sleep. And she is not alone: More than 1.3 million U.S. students were homeless in 2013-2014, twice the number who were homeless before the collapse of the housing market and subsequent recession."

Invisible Nation: Homeless Families in America  by Richard Schweid

This book includes an important chapter entitled "Twenty-first Century Almshouses - America's Homeless Children" another source covering the factors contributing to the increase in the numbers of homeless families and the effects that homelessness has on children.